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welcome to romer

Powder coating equipment we manufacture since 1992.

ROMER® is few thousand working machines in more than 26 countries in the world.

ROMER® manufactures single technological equipment for powder coating plants, and also complete powder coating lines.
We provide warranty service with full spare parts. At the moment we offer the following product groups:

■ Furnaces for the polymerization of powder paint
■ High Temperature Furnaces
■ Booths for spraying powder
■ Cyclone booths
■ Automatic systems
■ Powder Applicators
■ Baths for surface preparation
■ Ultrasonic Baths
■ Automatic Washing chromating / phosphating
■ filters, heaters, heat exchangers
■ Transport systems
■ other spare parts and consumables

Take a look at our offer.

Nowa jakość produkcji
Nowa jakość produkcji Wprowadziliśmy nowe oprogramowanie produkcyjne w celu poprawy jakości realizacji zamówień, ułatwia kontakt z klientem i pozwala monitorować treść zamówienia, wszelkie ustalenia i zmiany......
Nowe sterowanie piecy
Nowe sterowanie piecy Czas wakacyjny wykorzystaliśmy na rozwój technologii, dzięki zastosowaniu sterownika logicznego...

New powder gun Proton II
New powder gun Proton II New, better quality. Competition for most expensive applicator units. Proton II supplies paint even better than its predecessor, saving time, and paint....
New quality in hybrid furnaces
New quality in hybrid furnaces By cooperation with experts in the heating field, we have developed a highly-efficient heat exchanger for our hybrid furnaces....