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You're thinking about starting your own buisness? We have an idea for you.

In two years (2009 to 2011) the amount of jobs in service industry increased by half. At this time there are 85 thousand of people working in this industry. "Poland is leading in Europe and globally is 5th right below India, China, Philippines and Brasil. If this growth keeps at the same level Poland will be 3rd in no time." - Puls Biznesu

Service industry is a good investition espescially since Europe's politics encourage ecological solutions. Powder coating is this kind of solution to wet painting.

Wet painting is more costly for producents every year which is why they abandon this method of painting. UE is creating laws against it since it is not ecological and it pollutes the enviorment.

Is there demand on these kind of service?  Right now most of respectable firms use powder coating equipment becouse powder coating is faster than wet painting and more resiliant to any damage done. Powder coated element is dry and ready in one hour since the painting process starts. There is big demand on this kind of product for big enterprises. However not every manufacturer has his own powder coating equipment and many of them work with powder paint shops. Those will be your target, there are also lots of single transaction clients that need to paint bikes, rims, etc.

How much you can earn? Cost of painting 1m2 in powder paint shop is about 28-35zł, 1kg of powder paint costs 20zł and you can paint about 7m2 with this amount of powder paint. Which means that paint cost is 3zł plus expenses that comes with oven usage, which equals all-around cost of 5zł to paint 1m2. Everything else is your earnings.

What's the cost of an investment?  W1200 H1800 D1600 Oven with W900 H1300 Booth and AP-400 paint applier cost 21,000zł netto.

What's the efficiency? Assuming that we work 8 hours a day, we can paint one rims package an hour, which is 8 packages a day. Cost of painting one package is on average 200zł. 8 hours * 200zł = 1600zł a day. Our expenses is aproximately 16% (31,5zł / 5zł ) which is around 256zł. Your earning in this case is 1344zł a day. Your monthly earnings assuming you work 21 days a month is up to 28,224zł. Which means you would earn more than the price of whole power painting equipment in only one month!

You'll think "Great but how will i find this much clients?"
check it out for yourself. Try painting anything in paint shop, usually they tell you to wait atleast a week. Some companies can't wait that long!

By buying bigger equipment you improve your efficiency and widen your potential clientel that may need to paint big elements such as gates for example.

How to powder coat? Powder coating is an easy process, unlike wet painting there is no need for any manual skills. It's very easy for people with right knowledge, knowledge which you will acquire at our free course which we offer as soon as you buy your equipment.

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