Lower carts
Option with two prams, the most popular. External trolley equipped with swivel rubber wheels. The system is used for small and medium loads. It affects the reduction of the impurities content from the floor in the chamber. The outer cart is painted with wet paint, the inner cart is moved on this carriage. Internal cart supplied in the form of a frame with high temperature bearings on turned wheels, not painted ready for superstructure welding
Upper tracks
Option with two rails with a cross section of 70x70x4 galvanized. The system is used for medium and heavy loads in large lines. This solution allows for one-time suspension of the element on the line, and then only its moving, it is quick to use, but requires the extension of the line with a cross-bar system and unloading stations.


Rails in the floor
Option with one trolley, used for very heavy loads of several tons. The trolley is equipped with cast cast iron wheels on slide bearings. It prevents turning, the trolley drives only backwards and forwards. This option reduces the total height of the oven by 100mm compared to others. Trolley delivered in the form of a frame with wheels. without superstructure, not painted ready for welding.