• Controlling 7" Color touchpanel
• Screen  Yes, Sieve
• Air consumption during painting 15Nm3/h
• Air consumption during cleaning 350Nm3/h
• Tank powder level sensor 2 pcs
• Reserve powder level sensor 1 pc
• Injectors cleaning Automatic, up to 12pcs
Vacuum pump RP-01 from reserve tank to refill the powder tank  
Two operation modes, with recovery or with fresh powder only  
Closed fluidized tank  
Automatic cleaning program for injectors, guns, and powder tank with strong gusts of compressed air  
Set of tank powder sensors  
Automatic refilling tank with fresh powder  
Fresh powder level sensor  
An audible alarm alerts the operator with a low level of paint  
Control from the 7-inch color touch panel, in addition, the Center is connected to the booth control by ModBus protocol  
Programable valve sucking waste powder directly on the dust collector to keep powder center clean  


Modes of operation

Paint recovery with mixing

For best paint benefits and economy, this mode returns all of the recovered paint back to the main tank

Total Waste

For the highest quality, when there is no room for compromise, the total waste operation mode ensures that only fresh paint is used, all recovered paint is transported to the dust extraction system.


Fresh paint monitoring

Thanks to the use of a fresh powder scale, when the tank is empty, the ProfiCenter CP02 informs the operator with a sound signal about the need to replace the fresh powder bag.

Automatic tank cleaning

Thanks to the use of a series of pneumatic valves, the ProfiCenter CP02 is able to clean the main paint tank itself, which significantly speeds up the color change process.

Central paint drop

Thanks to the use of a central large-diameter valve, the ProfiCenter CP02 allows the paint to be dumped into a bag with fresh paint before the automatic start of the cleaning process. This minimizes paint waste, and is done in a much shorter time compared to previous generation systems that don't have a central paint drop.


Comfort of use thanks to which work becomes pleasant

7" touch panel
The large color touch panel looks aesthetically pleasing and is convenient and intuitive to use. You can set all important parameters on it.

Memory of last orders
ROMER ProfiCenter CP02 saves statistics and durations for individual orders.

order parameter recorder Information on paint consumption 
Consumption is calculated based on weight data. This function will allow you to estimate the costs of a given cycle, plan production and control costs.

Air extraction within the ProfiCenter
Depending on the situation, the automatic extraction valve is automatically activated (it can also be activated manually on demand), thanks to which a strong draft of air appears in the specially designed ProfiCenter intake ducts, allowing you to keep the working space clean, necessary to maintain the high quality of the applied coatings. Importantly, no replacement or cleaning of filters is required, because the draft is generated by an external dust collector, e.g. of the OZ series.

a recorder recording all statistics of orders, consumption, are additionally saved on a flash drive . When, for example, superior ERP / CRM systems do not function in the company.

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Paint quality

Maintaining the quality of the paint as one of the key elements of maintaining the high quality of the applied coating.

Stable powder proportion

Automatic maintenance of fresh to reclaimed ratio
The fresh and reclaimed paint pumps are controlled to maintain a predetermined ratio between reclaimed and reclaimed paint. This ensures consistent ink quality at the required level.

Automatic tank refill with fresh paint
When there is no paint in the tank, the ProfiCenter CP02 automatically takes fresh paint to replenish it, according to pre-programmed proportions.

Image 5

Each ProfiCenter CP02 is equipped as standard with a screen that screens fresh and recovered paint from the return system, thanks to its high vibration frequency above 40kHz and relatively high power, it is able to break up small lumps of paint.

Industry 4.0

Solutions that allow you to create your own extensive systems

Programmable outputs
The solution allows you to program relay outputs based on events and customer requirements.

RS485 ModBus communication
Virtually every romer device is built as standard based on a microcontroller, thus it can be fully controlled from the outside by master devices. Can work in Master/Slave mode.
After connecting it to the network, you can monitor its status, consumption, temperature, etc. on an ongoing basis. by providing data to the client's internal systems, e.g. CRM / ERP.