Save powder with a flick of your hand!

Save time and money!

Saving powder
The integrated 100 kV cascade duplicator provides
maximum charging capacity. This means that more paint reaches
detail, less to the paint recovery system! technology of precise electronic control of pneumatic valves ensures accurate metering
and repeatable amount of powder. This allows for a more uniform


ProfiGun PM-1

Pistolet ProfiGun PM-1

Light ergonomic pistol, perfectly balanced with a contoured handle
Adjustment of the paint%, and the change of programs in the handpiece

Ceramic cascade with voltage up to 100,000V efficiently charges all types of powders

 new generation of nozzles ensures perfect powder penetration into complex shapes

• Theprofiled nut allows a good grip

High-carbon conductive handle provides excellent painter grounding

The gun is made of special materials with increased impact resistance

Fully demountable design with replaceable powder path tube

The gun is patented in the US and EU

Cascade polarity - negative


ProfiJector powder pump

 Design of a new efficient injector

 Most effective feed angle proven by research

 Saves paint and air compared to right angle injectors

 Relatively low running costs compared to other pumps

 The injector is subject to a European patent

Pompa ProfiFeed

ProfiFeed powder pump

 New design of the dense phase pump
 Paint transport with little air

 Transport of paint over long distances up to 25m
 Consistent ink flow, no loss of performance over time
 Saves paint and air compared to an injector
 Reduces dust in the booth - lower paint kinetic energy
 Relatively low running costs compared to other pumps


Sterownik PSS-1

PSS driver
 7-inch touch panel with gloved operation
 3 automatic programs (overcoating, hard-to-reach areas, flat surfaces)
 0.1kV and 0.1uA graduations in full adjustment range

 Advanced pneumatic valves to control the dose of air (Patent pending)
Real airflow measurement, responds to errors such as pressure drops or system blockages
 Advanced diagnostic tools

 Ability to name programs
 Ability to control from external master controllers via ModBus protocol


Ceramic cascade with charging up to 100,000 volts!
The high-precision ceramic cascade manufactured in Poland ejects ions up toseventeen thousand times per second!loads the powder better than ever before, resulting in less paint reaching the dust collector and more staying on the part!

ROMER ProfiCharge
Precise current settings even below 10uA, the current adjustment range thus starts from the very bottom, i.e. 0uA - 100uA, while the ProfiCharge system's operating range is 0 - 10uA with a scale of 0.1uA.

Precise air dose (p patent)
With Romer's electronically controlled needle valves, air delivery is even more precise. This is possible thanks to the use of specially developed integrated flowmeters that respond to changes in real time.


Nozzles made of non-adhesive materials with high puncture resistance
Specially developed nozzles are made of materials resistant to electrical breakdowns, and those that at the same time do not adhere to powder paint, thus preventing clogging, and facilitate cleaning when color changes.

Specially designed operator grounding handle
Because safety is our priority, proper grounding must be ensured in the potentially explosive area, which is why the PM-1 pistol grip also contains special carbon fibers that ground the operator.
Discharge energy below 2mJ

Because safety is the basis, we use additional protections limiting the discharge energy minimizingthe risk of ignition.

Antistatic hose with double grounding strap
Because safety is our priority, proper grounding must be ensured in the explosion hazard zone, which is why we use only antistatic hoses, in addition, our hose has two grounding straps, which additionally increase the effectiveness of grounding.
Automatic gun cleaning function
For quick and more accurate color changes, we have developed an automatic gun purge function, activated from the handle or screen - it cyclically blows the gun with compressed air
ATEX and EN 50050-2 compliant
Romer ProfiSpray units meet stringent standards for devices designed to work in potentially explosive atmospheres.
Adjustable crevice nozzle attachment
As a standard, each set of applications comes with a crevice nozzle attachment, which allows to reduce the crevice clearance, which enables the correction of the spread in the range of 30° to 50 °
Powder path in the gun without redundant connections
The ProfiGun gun has been designed in such a way that the powder tube, starting from the quick coupler to the nozzle itself, is made of one piece, it is not connected and has no "knees", which effectively eliminates the possibility of its unsealing.
Powder hose quick coupler
As standard, the ProfiGun gun is equipped with a quick-release coupling for quick hose changes.


List of quickly available programs with names
Since the paints electrify differently, we provide solutions for professional users

Handy program
The Quick Program is a fully programmable function to quickly change the program after pressing the trigger several times quickly.

Visual counters of component wear
Since the paints electrify differently, we provide solutions for professional users

Unit diagnostics
Full history of faults and errors, as well as possible suggestions, the unit continuously monitors the parameters necessary for trouble-free operation and long operation.


Up to 8 languages to choose from in the menu
Languages to choose from

Polish, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Swedish

Animated Troubleshooter
Do you have a problem with the technology of the application, and you can't diagnose it? is it spitting paint or is it pulsating? you don't know what's causing it? this animated module will guide you step by step through the diagnosis procedure and help you understand and fix the problem.


Professional mode
Already a professional? because if not yet
then we have prepared hints for you to help you start your adventure with powder coating, the appearing messages will guide you on the right path when the set parameters or behavior indicate that you may be making a mistake. If you already are, just use this mode, we won't bother you.

Daily statistics
You don't create individual orders because you don't have time for it? ok, you don't have to - you can check the statistical data in the daily summary without wasting time.


Order management
Do you want to know exactly how long the order took? how much paint did you use? or maybe exactly how long did the varnishing process take, and how long did other processes take? this feature is for you.

Job statistics
Full history of the order, including data such as the name of the order, start and end dates, used paint, and the duration of individual operations.




Indeks obudowy
bez elektrody

Indeks nakrętki

Kąt oraz zasięg przy

4Nm3/h pow. Całk.




30 °




Komplet dysza DS10






30 °




Komplet dysza DS11






40 °




Komplet dysza DS12






Indeks obudowy
bez elektrody

Indeks nakrętki

Kąt oraz zasięg przy

4Nm3/h pow. Całk.




50 °




Komplet dysza DS13






65 °




Komplet dysza DS21






60 °




Komplet dysza DS22




ProfiRing dla łatwiejszego przemalowywania, wyeliminowania efektu skórki pomarańczy, zmniejszenia zjawiska przeładowania farby.
Seria PA-1 Seria PM-1 / PM-1D


ProfiSpray V


ProfiSpray W

ProfiSpray A

ProfiSpray A HD

ProfiSpray V HD

Nozzles Specification